#QUEEK: Tyler, The Creator

Every Tuesday, we feature a queer musician, artist, band, or producer who has put themselves out there with their newest work.

Our Queer Of The Week, or QUEEK, is Tyler, The Creator with his fourth album Flower Boy.

It’s difficult to be sure at the moment if Tyler is genuinely queer; he has yet to give any response to the speculation, and his history of playing characters in his albums and using homophobic slurs in his lyrics add reasons to doubt the story that Flower Boy tells. That being said, the album feels far more earnest, honest, and real than anything he’s ever given us before, and one way or another, the emotions being put forward in songs like “Garden Shed” are pretty relatable to anyone who’s ever been closeted.

Highlights: “Who Dat Boy,” “Boredom,” “I Ain’t Got Time!”


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