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I Kind of Like It: “Get Out” | Chvrches

It is unbelievably easy to be a fan of CHVRCHES (pronounced cha-ver-chiz) partly because they’ve spent the past decade making the same song over and over again. Was this a very rude statement? Yes, but it was said out of pure love. I think CHVRCHES has a very specific style of synth-pop that they’ve perfected to such an extent that they’ve made a career out of it. Once again, this isn’t a criticism. I am personally amazed at their consistency and how each song is so subtly different that you can’t fully replace one with the other. And to their credit, rather than stagnating, I think they’ve been getting better.

My pick from CHVRCHES is “Get Out,” the first single off from their upcoming album Love is Dead. “Get Out” is a refreshing take on their formula primarily because of the simplicity of the lyrics. Like my other beloved indie pop act, Florence and the Machine, CHVRCHES’ songs can be quite archaic when it comes to what they’re talking about. I couldn’t for the life of me understand what “Shaped by the clearest blue” means but I can say that, much like Florence’s songs, it gets the emotional resonance to make the point as opposed to specific lyrics or fragments. Color me surprised when the chorus of “Get Out” is variations of “Get out, get out, get get get out of here,” but it really works. The directness of the chorus just makes me want to dart down the street and into the horizon. That’s not to say the whole song is that simple, but it’s a lot easier to feel the momentum and anger built up in the lyrics (“Good intentions never good enough”) that propels the song forward.

And I think that would end my discussion of this song. I have a hard time finding a fault from it because CHVRCHES really knows how they want to make their music and all that’s left to say is that it’s pretty good. Go listen to it.

Does this song not fill you with helium?

Well, here’s the thing. CHVRCHES is a one trick pony so if you don’t like one of their songs, I would find it hard to believe that any others will change your mind. With that said, do you like The National? You’re in luck, because they made a song with Matt Berninger, who I’ve been told is part of The National. I know nothing about The National. Anyway, the song is called My Enemy. It’s good.


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