I Kind of Like It: “Boyish” | Japanese Breakfast

The song I’m talking about came out as a single last year, but the video came out this year and I’ve only heard about it through the video. By my initial rules, this very much counts.

Michelle Zauner’s solo project, Japanese Breakfast, is an act that I keep thinking is not my thing, yet I keep getting attracted by the singles. I tried listening to Soft Sounds From Another Planet when it first came out and left it feeling like it was TOO soft. Yet, “Machinist”, the song that got me interested in listening to the album, was one of my favorite songs of last year and was on my jogging playlist for almost half of a year. “Machinist” is soft, but in an electric space auto-tune kind of way. It also has a saxophone. It’s a great song, you should try it.

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