#QUEEK: Marika Hackman

Every Tuesday, we feature a queer musician, artist, band, or producer who has/have put themselves out there with their newest work.

Our Queer Of The Week, or QUEEK, is Marika Hackman with her album I’m Not Your Man.

Check out our full review of I’m Not Your Man by Ellis Pomirchy. Also, go listen to the latest City Of Monster Bunker where we specifically pick apart Hackman’s track “Boyfriend.”

Highlights: “Boyfriend,” “Good Intentions,” “My Lover Cindy”



City Of Monster Bunker #3

this is colorful monsters’ official bi-weekly podcast and third episode of City Of Monster Bunker. we continue the adventures of the queer squad from Monster Bunker (original 16 episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts). in a wasteland 3,000 years into the future, a trio of guys have awaken from their cryogenic sleep in search of music. they are completely oblivious to all releases and important cultural moments since the end of 2016. join them as they uncover worthy musical artifacts from 2017, and maybe you’ll dig them too. in this podcast, they discover “Boyfriend” by Marika Hackman, “Room” by Palehound, and “Cry Of The Martyrs” by Algiers.

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I’m Not Your Man | Marika Hackman

An LGBT indie folk rock singer whose previous touring experience includes opening for Laura Marling? Marika Hackman’s resume is enticing, to say the least, as the combination is incredibly unexpected and I am thoroughly pleased to have the opportunity to dive in and see what she has to offer. Thankfully, her new album I’m Not Your Man, mostly succeeds in matching the expectations made simply by the premise. It’s a fun, incredibly witty expedition into the mindset of Hackman and her unconventional take on life.