Every Tuesday, we feature a queer musician, artist, band, or producer who has/have put themselves out there with their newest work.

But today we’re doing a throwback to an expressively fun album from 2007.

Our ‘Queer Of The Week,’ or ‘QUEEK,’ is Mika with his album Life in Cartoon Motion.

There was no way you could’ve left Mika’s debut album without being completely covered in glitter. It was very much the original Teenage Dream by Katy Perry. Each track is essentially Mika bursting at all ends of the spectrum. It’s not so much the album itself that breaks any ground, as it does proudly pays homage to the likes of Queen and Scissor Sisters. But its fearless use of hyperbolic vocals, whimsical lyrics, and down-right abuse of sexuality gave queer folks a sense of normalcy.

Highlights: “Love Today,” “Grace Kelly,” “Big Girl” and “Any Other World”