City Of Monster Bunker #3

this is colorful monsters’ official bi-weekly podcast and third episode of City Of Monster Bunker. we continue the adventures of the queer squad from Monster Bunker (original 16 episodes can be found wherever you get your podcasts). in a wasteland 3,000 years into the future, a trio of guys have awaken from their cryogenic sleep in search of music. they are completely oblivious to all releases and important cultural moments since the end of 2016. join them as they uncover worthy musical artifacts from 2017, and maybe you’ll dig them too. in this podcast, they discover “Boyfriend” by Marika Hackman, “Room” by Palehound, and “Cry Of The Martyrs” by Algiers.

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#QUEEK: Palehound

Every Tuesday, we feature a queer musician, artist, band, or producer who has/have put themselves out there with their newest work.

Our ‘Queer Of The Week,’ or ‘QUEEK,’ is Palehound with their album A Place I’ll Always Go.

There’s so much one can handle; and Ellen Kempner, the front for Palehound, naturally spills her frustrations and drifting thoughts as soon as they hit the brim, which immediately flows over at the start of their second studio album, A Place I’ll Always Go. She places us inside a dark hole after the causes had already occurred. It’s her now, munching on frozen dinners and thinking what would it be like if her best friend was still alive. It’s about survival and looking past things that dulled her senses. In “Feeling Fruit,” she finds a refreshing solitude–a way of handling “the weight you gave up.” But this is after having to lock her queer nature within her “Room” from an unshakable society. Even though all is done and the anxiety will always be there, the feeling of knowing someone is there is what protects her from being sucked by despair.

Highlights: “Room,” “If You Met Her,” “Flowing Over” and “Feeling Fruit”